MSNBC Blames Trump for Forcing Migrants to Enter US Illegally

The democrat party controlled media wing MSNBC isn’t hiding their bias anymore. They want the borders wide open, where anyone, including Trump, is to blame for whatever happens to “migrants” trying to enter the US illegally! Per MSNBC correspondent Julia Hainsley, by POTUS closing border entry to these alleged asylum seekers he has forced them to cross the desert and other hostile areas where people can get seriously injured or even die.

Yes, it takes time to apply for asylum be heard and a decision made. If these “migrants” don’t like it too bad, we’re not about to rush things because they demand it. People entering the US need to be vetted, no matter who they are and where they come from. Their attempts to enter under claims of asylum are proof over how our system is abused and we have DC to thank for it.

How is Pres Trump forcing “migrants” to cross the desert and enter the US illegally? Did we miss something, is he putting a gun to their heads? These “migrants” are making the decision to enter the US illegally on their own. They are in fact demonstrating again they have zero regard, respect for our laws and sovereignty. These “migrants” chose to leave their homes in Central America, as well as parts unknown, and make a 2000+ mile trek to the US unprepared, many dragging their kids along. Trump did not offer all the free stuff to them to come here, no no that is the democrats ringing that bell! Trump did not tell them to come to the US where they would be welcomed with open arms while we still have millions unemployed (this site is one of few who actually tells the truth on unemployment), living in poverty and on America’s streets.

The democrats want them here because they know as of now they’ll be counted in the census which means redistricting conveniently in democrat strongholds that results in new congressional seats. We know this to be true because it’s how California came under one party rule. That is all this is about, democrats through illegals seeking power, control and money.

We cannot have people rushing our border entering the US because the economy in their nation of origin sucks. Economic disparity is not grounds for asylum, nor is street/ gang violence… hell we got that right here in Baltimore, Chicago and other US cities!

POTUS should keep the govt shutdown and shut the border down as well. Time for playing nice with the left ended years ago.

h/t NewBusters