CA Sheriff BLASTS “Sanctuary Laws” That Played a Role in Cop Killing


Stanislaus County Sheriff Adam Christianson gave a stellar press conference announcing the arrest of the illegal alien who killed Cpl Ronil Singh in cold-blood. Some in the media, including our “friends” over at Fox News, claim Christianson threw gasoline on the immigration debate. The Sheriff did nothing of the sort, what he did do was tell the truth, as raw and honest as anyone could. He truthfully blasts “Sanctuary Laws” going into detail which played a direct role in this cop killing by an animal monster who should never have been in the US!

California’s Sanctuary Law (SB 54), as Sheriff Christianson explains, is preventing law enforcement from doing their job and making the state a magnet for illegals. The killer entered the US in Arizona and came to CA because he knows he’s free to do whatever the hell he wants in CA. He didn’t stay in AZ, run to TX or another sane state. He went to CA because he knew he can drink and drive, run with gangs, or other criminal acts he’s committed because there’s nothing to stop him.

Here are more highlights from the presser:

The monsters capture is result of ALL agencies helping. Why is this important to point out by Christianson? Because, CA as well as other cities and states under democrat rule have taken every measure possible to prevent law enforcement from doing their jobs when it comes to dealing with criminal illegal aliens when they’ve been jailed. Sanctuary cities and states are protecting criminal illegal aliens, period, this is proof! If the sanctuary law wasn’t in place this monster might be in jail right now or been booted out of the US. But SB54 stands in law enforcement’s way…. the good ones. In LA County the newly sworn in Sheriff told the Board of Supervisors he will “physically remove ICE from county jails”! You know what that means? More Ronil Singh’s and Kate Steinle’s!

The monster, like all illegals is using multi names because criminals lie, deceive DON’T FOLLOW THE RULES let alone the LAW! Yet we have all the of the left ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with them and defend them to no end.

When asked about the politicization of this killing the Sheriff pointed out of course it would but then made it clear good honest immigrants come to the US the legal way as Singh did. It is possible, for those who are honest about their intentions. The left wants to politicize this, lets be honest weaponize it, for their amnesty and open borders agenda they can try. It will in fact backfire as this murder is more proof we need a border wall and the laws already on the books enforced for OUR SECURITY. If the lousy leaders in this country would just enforce the laws on the books, which includes jailing people who enable illegal aliens, you will see night and day changes.

Let’s be clear, this monster didn’t come to the US for the reasons (career, education, raise family in safe environment etc) the media claims ALL “immigrants” come here for. The US is nothing but large hunting ground for an illegal alien predator to run free, especially in a state that has more or less said it’s open season on Americans!

And now a warning, if the DA or jury F__ks this monsters prosecution up, as Kate Steinle’s was where that monster was cut loose, heads better roll. Frankly, based on the tension Normal Americans are under on this issue, it will be open season on criminal illegal aliens by US citizens. The PEOPLE ARE TIRED of this shit with illegals being put on a pedestal, including criminal illegals, by radical politicians, vile democrat party controlled media and their unhinged foot soldiers. You’re all driving this country on a massive collision course.

Lastly, to outgoing Gov Jerry Brown, Gov-elect Gavin Newsom, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Kamala Harris (she was CA’s AG, played a role in the mess) and all the CA state legislators who got us here, YOU ALL HAVE BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS over your INSANE open borders, Sanctuary State/ City policies. Normal Americans know CA is the testing grounds for what you want to do to the entire US to bring it under one party (democrat) rule. Well this American is here to tell you a fight coming, one you’re not going to be able to hide from. A day of reckoning is coming for the radical unhinged destructive left.