Illegal Alien Being Hunted After Killing Cop


Cpl Ronil Singh, a legal immigrant from Fiji, was gunned down early Dec 26th during a routine traffic stop just hours after celebrating Christmas with his wife and 5 mo old son by an illegal alien.

It’s abundantly clear California’s Sanctuary State policy is biting the state, as a whole, in the ass getting civilians and police officers killed. It’s safe to assume the illegal alien panicked, after being pulled over for having no tags on his truck, and opened fired on the Singh. WHY NOT, illegals like this animal monster living lawlessly in this state, which has in fact enabled them, have nothing to fear anymore. Illegals do whatever they want in CA because DEMOCRATS have literally turned a blind eye to their criminality. Illegals are put at the front of the line for just about anything in CA. Following the 1986 amnesty under Reagan (duped by the left)…

.. CA began to rapidly move to the left because illegals were/are being counted in the state’s Census changing the demographics producing one party (democrat) rule.

This site has warned many times that CA citizens are 2nd class citizens to illegal aliens, after Kate Steinle’s killer was cut loose. This is what happens when you have one party rule in a state. Democrats have destroyed CA and they do not care what happens down the road! How do we know this? Countless stories like this one but also listen to the arguments and excuses they’re making right now, many are calling for immigration reform which really means AMNESTY. They want more of the same, if not opening the flood gates on a self-destructive policy vs putting an end to it.

America there are going to be more and more Kate Steinle’s and Ronil Singh’s unless you stand up to the ruling elite. CA is the model for what they want to do to the entire country, that is why you’re seeing so much resistance to Pres Trump’s immigration policies and calls for a border wall. BOTH parties hands are covered in blood on this issue. The republicans, not conservatives, are just as guilty as the democrats on immigration. Nothing will ever change until both parties are purged of the radicals and we get term limits. Until then this blame game will continue while innocent Americans lose their lives.