Loudmouth Dem Rep Tlaib Calling for MoFo Trump’s Impeachment Runs From Reporters


New democrat congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, who said dems are “going to go in there and impeach that motherf**cker”, didn’t want to defend herself to reporters. The loudmouth was quickly escorted away as you would expect from cowardly democrat leaders. You see they will run their mouths when surrounded by their own but then when confronted on their words these bold, “tough guys” cower and run. We should be surprised she didn’t pull the race card that she’s being attacked for using vulgar language because she’s Palestinian, give it time she will.

It wasn’t surprising to see Speaker Pelosi (thank you again LAZY GOP voters for this) downplayed what Tlaib said even going on the attack blaming Pres Trump. Apparently the language he used PRIOR to being elected gives elected leaders the green light to be nasty and offensive. That’s fine, we’ll keep this in mind the next time they try bitching about something someone said the PC police don’t agree with.

This is how the next 2 years is going to be. Just think we’ve yet to hear from Wiggy Waters, now in a position of power she’s going to run her mouth like there’s no tomorrow.