Ocasio-Cortez: People Focus on Being Factually Right Instead of Morally Right


Sandy Cortez is the gift that will keep on giving for the next two years. This CHILD has no idea what she’s talking about, clearly demonstrating college is completely useless and a total scam. Sandy is a lot like Tom Hanks’ character from the movie Big, where “Josh” did a presentation for his idea and it made no sense to the experienced, well-educated and informed executives (adults) proving he was a child in a mans body.

Every single time Sandy talks she proves this theory to be true, be it on race to taxes or now going by facts.

When she’s wrong she’ll admit it but still stand on the moral high ground because? Feelings. She feels Pres Trump is lying about immigrants but he’s not. Those who LISTEN and comprehend what he’s saying know this to be true. It is the media and left wing extremists like herself who twist the truth (facts) to make him appear morally wrong!

Yes America, it is more important to be morally right than factually right. Facts who needs them. In today’s world it’s all about feelings and emotions. Heck if we took her advice Bret Kavanaugh would have not been confirmed for the Supreme Court and most likely sitting in jail over claims he assaulted someone with no evidence, because by his own admission (drinking and partying NOT assault) he did not act morally right as a teen.