Kellyanne Conway DESTROYS Jim Acosta During Presser: A Lot of These People Don’t Like You


The press were pelting WH Counselor to the President, Kellyanne Conway, today in anticipation of Pres Trump’s Oval Office address, on border security, where she fielded a question from CNN activist Jim Acosta. Mr High and Mighty asked if Pres Trump will tell the truth tonight and that was all Conway needed to hear where she proceeded to unload both barrels on the democrat party operative “smart ass”

This is truly one of those, “that had to hurt”, “that’s going to leave a mark” moments. Conway’s treatment to Acosta is totally acceptable over the lies and attacks he personally, as well as his corrupt network, have done against not only Trump but Conway.

No doubt, she was right about the feelings of those present disliking Jimmy either. He and CNN are directly responsible for the hate and distrust the media as whole are getting. They’re all guilty, but this clown and CNN have made things intolerable, taking the lead vs keeping low-profile and doing things subtlely. That’s why the press pool most likely despises him, he pushes the envelope making them all, think and feel the same, look bad.