Obama 2014: There’s a Crisis at the US-Mexico Border


Former President Barack Obama noted that there is a crisis at the U.S. / Mexico border during remarks on border security and immigration from the White House Rose Garden on 06/30/14

In 2014 per barack hussein obama said we have a crisis on the border. Nothing has changed since then, if anything the flow of illegals into the US has gotten worse, yet the democrats are saying it’s a manufactured crisis under Pres Trump because he wants to secure the border.

So which is it democrats, is the activity at the border a crisis when your party is in power or not when republicans hold the White House?

Dems say they’re in favor of border security but never offer any suggestions or solutions to deal with the problem. Sensors, cameras and drones are not going to stop illegals (and God know who else) from crossing the border. We need barriers in locations the BORDER PATROL says we need them. Dems say “the experts say walls don’t work”, okay who are these experts? One BP official after another has been clear walls and barriers work. If border walls/ barriers don’t work then take down said structures in San Diego, Yuma etc and around their own homes for that matter! Furthermore, democrats have passed foreign aid bills that go to countries who use said money for border security, but they refuse to secure the America’s border!

The truth is democrats say they’re in favor of border security to win over moderates and those on the fence. In reality they couldn’t careless, they want an open border, so they tell people what they want to hear for political gain.