Fake Republican Starts Sharpening Her Hooves During Border Security Debate


Fmr Jeb! stooge and fake republican, Ana Navarro is shining example of how the left couldn’t careless about the damage being done by illegal aliens to the US. Throughout the debate on border security as former Trump campaign adviser Steve Cortes brought facts and made points like the crimes being committed by illegals Navarro, in an attempt to appear above and bored of the conversation with Cortes, began filing sharpening her nails hooves.

This is the left’s attitude toward anything they deem negative reported about their precious illegal aliens. They don’t want to hear, let alone have, any bad PR made public about illegals. They ignore, trivialize or even joke about the bodycount. They roll their eyes, call opponents liars, racists, bigots and now make an ass of themselves by filing their nails on live tv.


If you can stomach the interview Navarro pushes leftist talking points, it’s why CNN puts her on a pedestal. If you’ve seen and heard the garbage this “woman” spews daily you can understand why she’s being compared to an animal.. because she is. No, not going to apologize for it either. Navarro is the worst of the worst type of political pundit as she willfully “..carries the Republican tag while marching to the Democratic drum. It’s a win-win. Navarro gets fame and fortune. The media gets to can act like it’s providing a fair and balanced report, while all the while, furthering its own leftist, progressive, anti-President Donald Trump agenda.”~ Washington Times

This is where the division in the US is going. There is no talking because one side is NOT interested in having a civil discussion. They don’t want to hear anything that is not in 100% compliance with their ideology and agenda. We’re is right on schedule for whatever collision or throw-down that’s coming. Only good thing about that is once it starts it will be over very quickly, faster than the left started it and they again will be on the losing side.