Journalist Confronts Two Illegal Immigrants From Bangladesh Sneaking Into the US


Hey Jim Acosta this is what real journalism is. Sara Carter didn’t go down to Texas, as you have, to hang out at the wall claiming there’s no crisis…


Of course there wouldn’t be a crisis Jimmy because the wall is doing the job it was meant for! In your quest to make the Trump admin look bad we have to thank you for proving a point that walls work. Back to Sara, unlike you she went where there is no wall in Texas and what did she find Jimmy-boy? Two illegal immigrants from Bangladesh on US soil after a very long expensive trip!

$16,000 a head is all it takes to be trafficked from Bangladesh > Dubai > Brazil/ South America > thru central America into Mexico and then stroll right into the US. How much money did ISIS have at one point? $2B at their height, even if they have a fraction of that it’s enough to get a number of fighters into the US to cause havoc and chaos, as we’ve seen in terror attacks carried out by a 1-2,19! How much money is al Qaeda still sitting on? How much money, from Iran (via the obama admin), does Hamas and Hezbollah have? Oh by the way they’re already operating in Mexico, where do you think the cartels learned how to tunnel into the US, along with the brutality and tactics they’re using from!?

Democrats and leftists at this very minute will deny OTM’s (Other Than Mexican) are crossing into the US, let alone terrorists. They have no proof, but we have literal proof right here that middle easterners are entering the US with no problem.

The border must be locked down, we have no idea who is coming across. These two appear to be harmless, we really don’t know, but we do know a large percentage of illegal crossings are gang members, criminals, and those of special interest because of their nation of origin; ie middle east. The democrats do not want to do anything about them.

We can only hope Pres Trump, Border Patrol officials, DHS Secretary, DOD officials, members of Congress standing with Trump have seen this video so they will hold the line. Democrats DO NOT CARE about who is coming across the border. Acosta couldn’t careless, let alone realize the “reporting” he did to trash Trump had in fact validated every POTUS has been arguing.

Walls/ fences/ barriers work, anyone who says otherwise is a liar. Pelosi, Schumer and everyone opposed saying otherwise tear down the walls and fences around your homes, leave your doors and windows unlocked and open and calls for the existing walls and fencing to be removed if you think you’re right!