TX Border Chief Calls For 120Mi of Fencing, In 1 Day Alone 133 Illegals Caught From China & Middle East


Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz told Pres Trump, during his visit to the Texas border, in one day alone the Border Patrol apprehended 450 illegal aliens. Of that 133 came from 41 countries other than Central America and Mexico that include India, Pakistan, China, Romania and Ecuador.

Did CNN make this clear when their hotshot reporter Jim Acosta appeared at the section of the border wall to mock POTUS only to confirm walls in fact work? Have any of the democrats refusing to pass funding for border security acknowledge OTM’s are coming into the US from the middle east?

The media puts a lot of focus on the family units trying to get into the US for a better life, but as the Chief explains, they account for less than 50% of the apprehensions in South Texas.The majority being caught are men, young men of fighting age, gang members and criminals. These are not the best of the best American citizens would welcome, the media of course doesn’t say one word about.

There are 55 miles of fencing on the east side of the sector that accounts for 6% of BP apprehensions. Over 90% of the infiltrators BP is dealing with comes from the west side where there is no fencing. Got it? Chief Ortiz is THE EXPERT on this issue, he is on the border everyday while the democrats, media and leftist pundits go on air lying incessantly “the experts say walls don’t work”. Ortiz is in fact calling for an additional 120 miles of fencing to stop the invasion, the democrats in DC refuse to fund.

How many Americans have to fall victim to illegal aliens (criminals to those abusing the system) entering the US under the democrat party’s protection until the People say enough?