Retired ICE Agent Who Survived Ambush: We Need the Wall


Retired ICE special agent Victor Avila, a Mexican-American who grew up along the border, was shot 3 times during an ambush whose partner Jaime Zapata was killed, weighed in on the border wall debate where dems want a technical wall vs a physical border wall. This man is an expert on the border unlike the armchair experts we hear from in DC, on Fox News at 12pm M-F, and the other networks.

The tech (sensors, drones) are fine in some cases for certain areas, mainly rural unpopulated for tens even hundreds of miles, where infiltrators can be intercepted. In other areas closer to population centers and those with high traffic we need a physical barrier to stop/ slow-down illegals entering. By doing this, as Chief Ortiz explained, it frees up manpower for other locations. Obviously you can’t put a wall in the Rio Grande nor up the side of a mountain, but when you have border owners afraid to come out of their homes a wall is necessary.

These people coming across are not stupid they know how to work the system as Avila explains where a criminal entering the US with a child cannot be sent back. They’re using children to get into the US under asylum claims that in general should only apply if requested at a port of entry.

How much more American blood has to be spilled until something is done? Dems are never going to stop, it’s up to the People to make them stop!