Journalist With 3 Illegal Aliens In-Tow, Seeking Sanctuary, Gets Deported From Pelosi’s Yard


Conservative independent journalist Laura Loomer, who has been banned from Twitter and Facebook for speaking the truth, with 3 illegal aliens in-tow went to Nancy Pelosi’s Napa Valley home seeking sanctuary! Now keep in mind we’re talking about the same Nancy Pelosi who says all immigrants legal and illegal are welcome, that walls are immoral and keep in mind in this case CA is a sanctuary state for those seeking it! That, said Loomer and co hopped the wall on Pelosi’s lavish property and set up a tent on her yard, they even attempted to enter her home but the doors were locked. Yes, this is/ was a political stunt to make a point and the point was definitely made over the hypocrisy we see daily from the left.


As you would expect the Sheriff’s Dept was called out where Loomer and co were told they were trespassing on private property and were kindly given the option to leave peacefully or they’d be cited for trespassing. They were in fact deported from Pelosi’s yard, as they respectfully vacated.

Now Nancy’s home, like any Americans, is private property – on a small-scale, just as the USA is private property to all Americans, aka taxpayers, on a large one. But per the Speaker all are welcome to illegally hop America’s wall and trespass on our private property, just not hers! Again this was a stunt, but it worked. The left wants illegals to come into the US just not on their yard. If they end up on your yard, taking from you and yours that’s okay to the left because we have to help them.

IMO we should see more of this at every single democrats home. They want illegals here then let illegals set up camp on their yards first, where leftists will have to feed, cloth, provide medical care, education and spending money before they expect US taxpayers to do so. The lefts hypocrisy needs to be exposed by non-violent acts like this. Until then the left will continue to push for Americans to care for illegals… undocumented democrat voters.