Ocasio-Cortez Says Dems Should Embrace Plan to Tax the Rich


Sandy Cortez said her plan to tax the rich (those who make $10M +) is a plan dems should embrace. What she is really doing is helping dig the hole deeper for dems, so much so word has it senior leaders want to shut her up. Hell even Whoopi Goldberg told her to shut her trap, get some accomplishments under her belt before trying to boss people around! This is why we want her to talk, and never stop, because she’s exposing the radical left’s true plans for America if they ever get a super majority again like they did in 2009-10.

Keep in mind as you listen to this socialist nonsense this is the same child who complained about not having enough money to live in DC. She can’t budget for her own living expenses but is ready to tax the hell out of the country to share the wealth!

The people making millions, those on the highest tax bracket are business owners, executives etc aka job creators. If you tax them they will find ways to recover the money they lose in taxes by raising prices, cutting staff or retire early thus shutting down their business or whatever that will cause more job loss. The socialist model HAS NEVER worked. These radicals have tried through the ages and failed miserably even catastrophically, because they always think like AOC “their plan will work this time”!