Border Ranchers Are Finding Prayer Rugs on Their Properties


Democrats continue to keep the government shutdown over border security while we have people from all over the world infiltrating the US at the southern border. I just one day alone the Border Patrol apprehended 133 illegal aliens from 41 countries. Journalist Sara Carter confronted two from Bangladesh while reporting on the border.

YES, we have a northern border illegals cross over from, but do you ever hear about property owners on the northern border expressing concern when they find prayer rugs? No. Middle easterners are easily traveling to South America and then moving through Central America into Mexico. Once there they utilize coyotes and the drug cartels to move north to cross into the US. Keep in mind Hezbollah and Hamas are active in Mexico working hand in hand with the drug cartels… who do you think the cartels learned to tunnel, ambush Federal Police and butcher people!? Terrorists are in the US, it’s just a question of time until they get the green light to attack, remember al Qaeda planned 9/11 for years before they finally attacked.

This isn’t the first time reports of prayer rugs have been found along our border either. It’s been going on for years so those who pull the race card that border wall supporters hate hispanics you’re LYING. The left’s continued refusal to acknowledge the southern border poses a huge security threat is going to get American’s killed. As pointed out above 133 illegals from 41 countries were caught, how many got through? Border Agents say it approximately a 4:1 ratio!