Troll Level: Super Grand Master – Trump Postpones Pelosi’s Overseas Trip


Pres Trump just postponed Nancy Pelosi and other congressional delegates overseas trip! Following the letter she sent to him to cancel his televised State of the Union address over “security concerns” in a troll level of Super Grand Master the Commander-in-Chief pulled the plug on her travel plans literally at the last minute!

That’s right America, Pelosi and co were literally planning to leave approx an hour from the time Trump issued the letter. They were literally sitting in buses waiting to go to Andrew’s Air Force base but had no idea what to do. To be clear, as pointed out, Pres Trump is Commander-in-Chief, the military has to do what he says. Pelosi and co are using military aircraft to fly overseas but not now because he has ordered the 89th Airlift Wing not to fly!

We have a govt shutdown over national security where this woman refuses to negotiate with the Pres of the United States. Pelosi has taken vacations, and now wants to go on this trip while people are out of work and we have 1000’s crossing our border daily. We have an opioid epidemic, human trafficking (sex slaves), illegals from all over the world etc etc entering the country because the southern border is not secure. Pelosi knows all of this but DOES NOT CARE she has said emphatically she will not fund any border security bill that has funding for a wall – yet she and the dems keep saying they support border security!?

While the bobble heads in the media whine and complain, calling this act un-Presidential, just understand this is exactly what 63 MILLION Americans VOTED for!

On a personal note: I WANT Trump to BREAK Pelosi. Trump was a builder, he knows how to play hardball in the real world, this woman is out of her league! If he pushes hard enough she will have a meltdown that all those drugs she’s on, as it is to suppress whatever ailment she’s suffering from (IMO onset of dementia), won’t save her.

This is her today BEFORE Trump dropped a bomb on them… proof is right there something is wrong with her.

We could literally get a 2 for 1 deal out of this admin by getting border security and ridding the nation of one of the worst politicians to ever serve.

Annnnnd the luggage is returned, left on a cart in the hallway… EPIC