Cory Booker Compares Green New Deal to Fighting Nazis and Going to the Moon


Cory ‘Spartacus’ Booker is at it again throwing his support to Sandy Cortez’ New Green Deal which would more or less collapse the global economy and destroy mankind as we know it. The socialist wants voters to think backing the GND is the same type of human achievement as fighting the nazis and going to the moon!

The nazis were hell-bent on world domination and one race ruling supreme where wiping out nonconformers was acceptable. Fighting them was an act to stop death and destruction.. something GND would produce.

Going to the moon was a demonstration in man’s ability to do what is/ was deemed impossible, while showing we can all work together for the benefit of all mankind. Because of space travel (and the military) many new technologies, processes, products are developed that funnel down, thanks to capitalism, for civilian use as well as creating jobs. Under GND the complete opposite would happen, since most products have oil in or is used in their production businesses would be put out of business new technology would most likely be stifled since we would no longer be traveling by car, truck, bus or plane! Train tech can only go so far, you’re not going to change the world if trains are everywhere. (BTW how are they going to be powered since the largest solar farm doesn’t generate enough power for a small town/city? If solar and wind tech were so superior then why did billionaire T Boone Pickens abandon all the proposed massive projects? He likes money why would he give up on making more?)

Booker is a lot of things but he is not stupid. He does think his supporters are stupid thus the praise for Sandy’s GND which is nothing but fantasy unhinged leftists think can actually come to reality. These people are quite dangerous with the positions they’re taking. They are the totalitarians he warns of making it known they want to destroy our way of life, knowingly accepting mass casualties and death that will follow, to implement such an insane communist policy.

Maybe next time instead of sitting home election day GOP/ conservative voters will go to the polls to keep radicals like Booker and Cortez from rising to power…