Venezuelans Issue Warning to Americans Who Want Socialism


Socialism is being embraced by the left with this new batch of democrat Congress members who ran on the platform making it sound fair and cool. These are the same people who have never held real jobs let alone ran a business and are incapable of pointing out anytime in history of socialism every working out.

Those who actually lived under a socialist govt provide a far better perspective based on facts and reality than leftists who think it’s great because of something they read or head from Bernie Sanders and Sandy Cortez. Venezuelans, experts on socialism, who escaped to the USA have a warning for Americans who want to replace capitalism with socialism…

Nothing good will come out of the US turning to socialism. Massive joblessness, lack of food, medicine and basic necessities, rise in crime and violence would tear the US apart just as it has done to Venezuela. It would leave America open to attack by our enemies too! That right there is a recipe democrats welcome since they want to cause a collapse so they can takeover rebuilding this country under their tyrannical fascist rule.

Many warnings were issued, but the one that stands out most was by the older man who has seen it all saying, “Bernie Sanders is your enemy. Do not ever get involved with this individual or any of the other socialist.”