Dem Senator Sinema Warned to Watch Her Butt For Applauding Trump


Newly elected AZ dem Senator Kyrsten Sinema found herself applauding Pres Trump during his SOTU speech. If you viewed the entire address you know the majority of democrats for most of the time sat with stone faces, like bratty children, as POTUS made great points. There were a few times they did rise to join GOP members to applaud him, but the majority were following orders to be emotionless.

Apparently Sen Simema applauded Trump one too many times where NV Sen Jacky Rosen stood up to warn her, as if no one would see it!

You don’t need to be a professional lip reader to see that Rosen clearly told Sinema she better “watch your ass”! It is a crime to the democrats to show any approval towards POTUS when he speaks positively as he did hear about passing Right to Try bill, which gives critically ill patients access to experimental treatment. That’s right America, this democrat applauding a bill passed and signed by Trump to give terminally ill people a fighting chance at life will more than likely be reprimanded by Schumer and Pelosi.

Now yours truly is NO fan of Sinema’s and the democrat party in any way, but aren’t dems supposed to be the ones who are all about free speech, supporting women and their right to express themselves?? Yet if you watched the SOTU you will see a sea of women who were told what to wear, where to sit, when to or not applaud! For all intents and purposes they acted like people oppressed but it wasn’t Trump doing it to them, it was their own party leaders. This is how dems roll and if given more power it’s what they’ll do to this country – telling you what to wear, when to clap, when to stand, what to eat, what to drive, how much water you can use, how much air you can breath, how much of the money you make you can keep etc etc.

Those GOP/ republican voters who sat home election day 2018 are you happy? You put these people in office because of your childish, spiteful “pride”. You go right ahead and sit home in 2020, just remember you will own whatever happens as much as the monsters who tell people like Sinema to watch her ass.