Sen Warren’s TX State Bar Registration Proves She Lied in 2017: ‘I Never Used’ Ancestry ‘To Get Ahead’


Sen Elizabeth Warren is having a bad day today after her Texas State Bar registration card surfaced showing she identified as “American Indian”.
(Btw don’t “native” Americans consider being called “Indian” offensive?).

During a Nov 27, 2017 interview with Anderson Cooper Warren was directly asked to address comments made by Press Sec Sarah Sanders that she was lying about her heritage to advance her career. Warren responded, ‘Never. I never used it [alleged “American Indian” heritage] to get ahead, I never used it to get into school, I never used it to get a job.’

That bar registration is in fact needed to get a job as an attorney! So Warren has not only lied about her “native American” heritage, but also using it to in fact get ahead!

Will the left call Fauxcahontas out over her cultural appropriation to advance her career or do those rules only apply if it’s a republican / conservative? Warren is a fraud who will do and say whatever she has to get ahead and advance she and the democrat party’s anti-American progressive agenda.