Kirsten Gillibrand: The Wall On The Southern Border Is “So Absurd”

The only people who think the wall on the southern border is “so absurd” are those who are banking on turning the US into a lawless third world nation they hope to control. Kirsten Gillibrand and her open border ilk know the more illegals who flood into the US the more power they will gain. They pander to these people promising them the world at taxpayers expense.

Conveniently illegals set up camp in democrat strongholds, where, as explained on this site many times, the end result is redistricting where the new district will most likely elect democrats to state and federal office. This IS how California came under permanent one party rule. Since the ’86 amnesty illegals flooded the state changed its demographics producing the progressive nightmare we know today.

It is and will always be about power and control for democrats, they do not care about any of us, let alone the minorities they’re using for power. Black Americans know this well which is why so many are walking from the DNC. They’ve heard the empty promises and lies, now being shoveled to hispanics, for decades. Dems have no choice but to shift to hispanics to hold onto power, sadly legal and illegal hispanics can’t see they’re being used.

If Gillibrand was serious she would introduce a bill to tear down all existing walls and fences. Democrats think people are stupid and don’t see through their bs.

As for the comment from Seeding Sovereignty’s Christine Nobiss, NO ONE is indigenous to the land we now know as the United States. Those claiming to be “native Americans” are in fact descendants of migrants who came here 12-14K years ago. Have you ever seen Siberians? They look JUST LIKE those who call themselves “native Americans”! While other “native Americans” resemble those from South America. If real DNA tests are conducted on these people you’ll find they have in fact Siberian, Asian, European or South American DNA markers.