Democrats Introduce Legislation to Protect Illegal Aliens


While most of the country has been distracted with the college admission scandal, Operation Varsity Blues, the democrats introduced HR 6 The Dream and Promise Act today. Under the bill ILLEGAL ALIENS would be protected and it will open a pathway to citizenship! The act will also apply DACA/ DREAMers, even though it was an illegal action by obama.

(full presser)


The democrats hold one 1/3 of the power in DC and look at how ballsy they are in only 2 mos! They’re no longer hiding their intentions to USE illegal aliens as their gateway to power and control over this country. They know it works after years of testing in CA which is now under permanent one party (democrat) rule. Dems are pushing to legalize illegals solely to give them voting rights. They’ve passed anti-gun bill, another to usurp elections in their favor via HR 1, there’s no end to the power grabs. If these people ever get super majority again this country will be in a world of trouble.

Take note how dems and the media, who will report on this, will conflate illegal immigrants with legal immigrants. They’ll also push the “undocumented immigrant” lie to soften things so people are more accepting. Understand this, there is NO SUCH thing as an “undocumented immigrant”. Using such language suggests said individual(s) have legal status to be in the United States (visa, green card,etc) but their papers are tied up in red tape, lost or the dog ate them. These people, regardless of how and when the entered the USA, are illegal aliens they have no right to be here.

Two months in and this is the agenda democrats are putting forward… illegal aliens ahead of US citizens, when they aren’t going after Pres Trump. GOP voters who sat home election day are responsible for this, so let it be a lesson to everyone to vote in 2020 otherwise say goodbye to gun rights, private healthcare, free speech, and everything else the dems deem a threat to their agenda.