Dobbs Calls For GOP Senators Voting Against National Emergency to be Removed From Office (Updated)


Right now we have 5 10* republicans saying they will voter against Pres Trump’s National Emergency declaration. The fact he is invoking law passed by Congress 43 years ago well within the powers of the Executive Branch seem to not matter. They think it’s violation of the Separation of Powers as the House controls where the money is spent. The NEA allows POTUS to redirect funds and these RINO’s don’t like it, some even consider it dictatorial powers, even though Congress in 1976 enacted it!

We expect Collins, Murkowski, Tillis and even Rand Paul to go against the grain, but Mike Lee!? This guy is making a terrible decision to side with the democrats. Lee and Paul are committing political suicide when they KNOW the border is overrun with illegal aliens, guns, drugs, criminals and worse coming across. The CBP are expecting 1,000,000 illegals entering the US over the next year! THAT’S AN INVASION, these morons don’t think is justification for POTUS to declare an emergency.

Ronna McDaniel has it right over how the democrats stick together. But the GOP, NO they have to be high and mighty Mr & Ms Righteousnous even though they lose in the long run. And that is what will happen here, the GOP will lose because they have no balls to stand with our President.

Let’s make something clear hear, Pres Trump has TERRIBLE advisers. He DOES NOT have to invoke the Nat’l Emergency Act to get the border secure. The wall/fence can be built under 10 U.S. Code § 284 (b(7)), it literally spells it out in 1 sentence, “Construction of roads and fences and installation of lighting to block drug smuggling corridors across international boundaries of the United States.”

The law is written where there is nothing stopping Trump from declaring the entire border a drug smuggling corridor where the military can build the fence!

These republicans KNOW THIS too, you would think instead of being against Trump they’d speak with him and say “Look, I gotta problem with you using the NEA, just invoke 10 USC 284 and let’s call it a day!” These people are putting politics ahead of national security. They care more about the optics and the negative narrative democrats are pushing than our safety. They deserve to be removed from office.

As for Paul Ryan… F him- he’s got to be one of the biggest backstabbers the GOPe ever produced.

* 3/14/19 Update:
You can add Mitt Romney and Lamar Alexander to the list of GOP backstabbers… stay tuned more most likely to come.

Moran, Toomey and Portman bring the count to 10