Mark Levin: Republicans Are Undermining Trump on National Emergencies Act


“This president has adhered closer to the Constitution and the rule of law than any president since Ronald Reagan, he’s not looking to violate Separation of Powers.”

Mark Levin makes a compelling, clear argument Pres Trump is acting within his legal right to secure the US southern border. The members of the GOP who are going against him, will vote on disapproval of POTUS using National Emergency Act to get the border wall built are democrat-lite. That goes for Sen Mike Lee, whom Levin points out he is quite disappointed in. The laws are clear there is no violation of the Separations of Power, let alone Trump acting dictatorial.

NO ONE is explaining the laws and powers delegated to POTUS better than Levin. Share this audio around with anyone casting doubt, or agree but are having a difficult time explaining the President is acting within his LEGAL right.

“We have the National Emergencies Act of 1976, it does not give the president dictatorial power. He doesn’t have the power to change the Bill of Rights when it comes to guns. He doesn’t have the power to legislate willy-nilly, it has specific authorities that are provided to the President of the United States if he declares a national emergency. He’s still in a box, and Congress has the power to overrule him, and the courts still have judicial review. How is that a dictator? We have the Military Construction Codification Act of 1982, wasn’t passed last week – 1982. See one law in 1976, one law 1982… that specifically recognizes the power of the President to reallocate funds for military construction projects when he declares a national emergency. Maybe we forget that the President the United States is the Executive Branch, he is the Executive Branch!

As of now we have 7 republicans siding with the democrats. These people ARE VIOLATING the Separation of Powers by believing they have a right to interfere with the powers delegated to the Executive Branch! It’s time for them to go, and Mike Lee YOU MADE A COLOSSAL MISTAKE! Rand Paul, we expect this of you, it’s nothing new. Mitt Romney, you ran under the wrong party ticket. Lamar Alexander, time to go and take the other fake repubs with you.

We tried this a few years back but maybe this time around people will get on board with it vs being all talk, it is time to #DefundtheGOP.