Antifa Arrested For Attacking Journalist at CA Rally to End Sanctuary State

THAT’S THE POINT with Brandon, who ID’s as an ‘Independent Media Journalist’, attended the Huntington Beach, CA March to End Sanctuary State and as you would expect was met with vicious hostility. Hardcore Leftists, antifa and Democratic Socialists of America were counter-protesting patriotic Americans voicing their objection to CA being a sanctuary state. Brandon approached the radical group to give them the opportunity to make their case in favor of open borders and whatever else they were opposed to (Trump), where Brandon was harassed, called a fascist, threatened and attacked by the domestic terrorists (antifa), resulting in injuries including a nasty cut/welt on his forehead…


Like clockwork the black pajama wearing wannabe ninja’s can’t fight on their own, as multiple domestic terrorists assaulted Brandon hitting him with large wooden poles*/ shovel like handles painted black with crappy red fabric pretending to be flag poles. One terrorist struck him so hard the pole broke becoming a crude like spear!

Take note when the police horse got excited causing the officer to fall these radicals celebrated, where one can be heard screaming “Save the horse kill the pig [cop]”.

In this video you can see how peaceful the pro-America group is, proudly wearing Red White and Blue, displaying the American Flag, keeping to themselves. One of the radicals attempted to antagonize them to physical conflict, pulling the “hands up” lie Mike Brown supporters and the media pushed for years, but they didn’t take his bait. The other side all in black, only 1 US flag among them while they preach hate, call their opposition fascists, nazis and racists.

These leftist monsters supported by the democrat party want to destroy the United States, they operate in every single state harassing and terrorizing law-abiding Americans who simply want the nation’s border secured and our laws respected and enforced. The days of being nice are over, and have been for quite sometime now. Take the gloves off America, the more you stand-down to the DNC’s foot-soldiers the more power you cede to them. The message must be made clear their days of bullying are over.

*At some point the patriots got hold of the antifa flags, where you can clearly see being a “flag pole” was just camouflage for weapons.