AOC: ‘I Don’t Care’ If Immigrants Are Undocumented

Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ‘doesn’t care if you’re documented, I don’t care if you’re undocumented,’ she just wants your support promising the world while delivering nothing. To make matters worse she wants to treat immigration as a human rights issue.


Immigration is not a human rights issue, it’s an issue of law and order knowing who is coming into this country. We have checkpoints everywhere we go, many just aren’t so obvious:
Banks – Whether it’s when you walk in and have to pass through a metal detector or have to sign in and wait to be escorted to the safe deposit box vault
Hospitals – You just can’t walk into the ER and take a bed. You check in and wait to be called on.When you go to visit someone ill you check in; same goes for elder care facilities and hospice.
Jails/ Prisons – You don’t walk-in and go the cell block where whomever you know is being held. You check-in and wait to see whoever is locked up you came to see.
Condos/Apartmen – May be a guard on duty or you must have a key or code to get into the building, that’s a checkpoint!
Office, Govt Bldgs – Next time you visit an office building take note of the guard/ greet standing by the entry or sitting behind the desk. Walk into any court-house you will go through a security check

Frankly everywhere you go has some form of a security check, the same type of check points democrats are okay with to protect themselves, money and stuff but balk at for schools!

Having people go through the front-door so to speak to enter the US is no different. We are a sovereign nation and have the right to vet people coming here. AOC and company don’t want that, they want the door left wide open for ANYONE to come to this country and hand them every freebie possible. If they could democrats would put stickers/ messages of some sort, “Brought to you by the Democrat National Committee! Vote Democrat”, for whatever handout they provide to illegals and others they pander to. All they care about is power and control. They don’t care about the people, “undocumented immigrants”*.

The pandering the democrats are doing to the immigrant (legal/ illegal) community is what they did to the Black community. They expect votes and support from Blacks while they do nothing for them. It’s why Candace Owens and many other Black activists are telling their community to WALK AWAY from the DNC. Dems don’t care about Blacks, they tell them what they want to hear, through a few freebies at them but honestly have done what they can to keep them down and in corner while blaming the GOP and “whitey” for their “oppression”. It’s sad hispanics and other ethnicities can’t see this game being played on them!

*There is no such thing as an undocumented immigrant. Anyone using such language is being beyond deceptive as it suggests said individuals have legal status to be in the US but their papers are lost, caught up in red-tape or the dog ate them. These people are ILLEGAL ALIENS and are being correctly identified. Leftists are conflating the two to normalize criminal activity, call their deception out and correct them