Scarborough Comes Unhinged Threatens Trump Any Blood Spilled Is On His Hands


Following the Poway, CA Synagogue attack, Joe Scarborough went on a rant blaming Trump and his rhetoric for inciting violence, and any assault or attack committed by radicals in America that the ‘blood spilled is on his hands’. Scarborough has come completely unhinged to make such an outlandish, blanket statement excusing those, like himself, who are spewing the most hateful vile rhetoric day after day.

The media, whom Joe lists as a potential victim, are the ones driving these monsters to go out and kill people because of their selective “reporting”. They LIE everyday, leave important facts out of stories, take things said out of context, while screaming the world will end because of Trump.

Someone should remind the Deliverance Banjo Boy it was a Leftist who snapped, over all the bs his network iss shoveling, attacking approx 30 GOP Representatives, almost killing Rep Steve Scalise. And for the record it is conservatives, Trump supporters, GOP members and Jews being attacked in this country by unhinged radicals every week since 2016.

The blood has already been spilled Joe, by antifa, BLM and Leftist radicals who take every word you and the media say as gospel. The next time blood is spilled it will be on you, MSNBC, CNN, DNC and all your pals who trash this President, his party and supporters.