Acting DHS Secretary: “We Are In The Midst Of An Ongoing Security And Humanitarian Crisis”


Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan appeared before the House Committee for Pres Trump’s 2020 budget request warning Congress the US there is a “security and humanitarian crisis” on our southern border.

CBP needs more money and resources to combat the invasion, but since democrats control the House you can be sure they will not get what they need. Democrats will be adamant not one dime can be diverted to build the border wall which will cause delays and infighting in the House while thousands of illegals stroll across the border.

The democrats choose not to see a crisis because they want it. They want this massive influx of illegals to change US demographics in order to do to the country what they did to California. They know the massive influx of illegals in the US will cause a collapse of multiple social and economic systems. Through illegals they see a future where there is one party rule, democrat rule, over the entire US where they can implement their socialist/ communist dreams.