CNN’s Cuomo Defends Antifa as a ‘Good Cause’


Chris Cuomo can spin it all he wants but he is defending antifa, who are by the FBI’s definition domestic terrorists. Keep in mind these monsters Cuomo says act as a ‘good cause’ are now under investigation for trying to acquire weapons from Mexican drug cartels to attack the Border Patrol!!

The neo-nazis are bad, but in reality they are but a few hundred, treated by CNN and the MSM like 800lb gorillas. In reality it is Leftist groups like antifa, BLM etc who are ARE 800lb gorillas terrorizing this country, given a pass by the MSM because they stand for socialism, social justice, illegal immigration, gun control, the end of the GOP and conservatism, and of course hate Trump.


Cuomo, CNN and all the Leftists welcome what antifa and other radical Leftist foot-soldiers are doing on American streets – attacking Trump supporters, and independent journalists. These media figures can’t go on air praising them but they welcome the violence because you NEVER see a story about Trump supporters being attacked! You never see stories about antifa tearing Portland apart where people are afraid to drive down a street because of the daily protests they hold that turn violent. You never see a story period on any of these networks about the terror these Leftists conduct, yet the footage is there, many times posted on this site and others.

Pres Trump was clear about what happened in Charlottesville, but what ALL networks fail to point out is that there were 4 groups present that day. Two were composed of opposing radicals responsible for the chaos and violence, resulting in the death of Heather Heyer. The other 2 groups were the “good people” Trump spoke of peacefully arguing for and against keeping a G-D statue. Anyone who says otherwise is a f*cking LIAR who is stoking the flames of discontent, widening the divide that already exists, driving this country into an armed conflict.