Mark Levin is on FIRE Burning Down the Left Following the Mueller Report Release


All you’ve been hearing for the last 24+ hours is nothing but spin and conjecture from pundits on the Mueller Report. You will not hear honest analysis from these people but you will from conservative Constitutional scholars like Mark Levin. Between his appearance on Fox & Friends this morning, Hannity the night before and his own radio show, the Great One has been on fire calling out the Left and making it clear we witnessed a coup take place.

The Left should be embarrassed with the circus they’re now putting on. These people are in absolute denial frankly upset that Pres Trump did everything within his legal power to stop their coup! The Mueller Report as Levin explains is a mess, a 400 page essay that should have been concluded well over a year a ago. the second volume, is not just an op-ed as he argues it’s the new dossier for the Left to push for impeachment, regardless that there is nothing criminal within it. Levin is burning everyone down, including Fox’s Ed Henry who attempted to challenge him over claims within the report coming from fmr Trump attorney Don McGahn where he countered asking how he knows anything is true. Just because it was in the report doesn’t mean it’s true because none of this were ever tried in court. This isn’t about sides, it’s about right and wrong, and the Left is wrong on everything.

This coup isn’t over either. Extreme Leftists (Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell, Jerry Nadler, Maxine Waters etc), with no credibility at this point, are still desperately holding onto charges of collusion and obstruction. Let them burn themselves and the party down. These people are beyond unhinged and like Levin says towards the end of the Hannity clip, if they try to impeach Pres Trump they’re going to have to deal with 63M Americans rising up against them!