Atty Gen Barr Smashes the Left’s Dreams: No Collusion, No Obstruction


What we have known since it’s inception over 2 years ago is officially over (at least for those who are sane). Atty Gen Bill Barr held a presser prior to the release of the Mueller Report to make it clear there was no collusion (not a crime) by Pres Trump, his admin or ANY American. So certain individuals claims of having evidence of collusion are outright lies, and everything you’ve heard from the democrat party controlled media is the equivalent of fiction.

There was NO actionable evidence of obstruction by the President either. Just because one fires someone (Comey’s firing was perfectly legal) or speaks to those within their circle in private their frustration and desire to stop this nonsense is not grounds for obstruction. The alleged 10 instances of obstruction, are just that – alleged, nothing actionable, BUT that will not stop the Left from going after Trump.

What Barr did confirm was the Russians attempt to subvert and divide this nation, and based on the Left’s reaction they have been successful. To the very second you’re reading this the conspiracy theories and denial remains, so much so House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler is summoning Mueller to testify before Congress to explain himself. Remember the Left put Mueller on a pedestal going so far as to draft legislation to protect him because they thought he would deliver Trump’s head to them on a silver platter. Barr smashed the Left’s dreams today thus their backlash against Barr and Saint Mueller. (It should also be noted, since the Left will lie, Mueller and Rod Rosenstein aided Barr with the redaction of the report.)

It must also be noted and made clear Pres Trump did not invoke Executive Privilege in any way. This is key to understand as it destroys the Left’s claim he was obstructing. How is obstruction possible if over 1 million documents were being handed over, countless members of the admin cooperating and testifying ?

Yes, Trump did not sit down with Mueller but we know that was to protect him from a perjury trap many who cooperated had already fallen victim to. Rudy Giuliani explained the written questions had “sub-parts and sub-parts and sub-parts”, where you can be sure if one was asked those same questions in a sit down setting they would have gotten their responses mixed up/ confused resulting in perjury charges.

The real acts of collusion and obstructions of justice, EVERYTHING said about Trump, were in fact committed by the DNC, Hillary Clinton and the media. Will we see justice carried out against them? Will those engaged in this coup end up behind bars? Don’t hold your breath, the DC swamp is still a swamp.

Watch the Left as they will pivot from collusion to obstruction moving to impeach Trump. Many are in pure denial..

.. and still pushing their collusion narrative..

The Left is demonstrating how mentally unhinged they’ve become willing to destroy this nation because they cannot get over losing the 2016 election. They’re upset Trump did not help them with their coup against him! The reaction you’re seeing from ALL of them (politicians, pundits, media to foot soldiers) today incapable of accepting the truth, wanting to continue their witch-hunt is the exact reason you should go buy guns and ammo…. ASAP!