Beto Attacks Trump: ‘Racist’ ‘Hateful’ Encouraging Worst in Americans


Robert Francis O’Rourke is a child like AOC, who is regurgitating democrat party and their strategists (propagandists) vitriol. These people are dangerous as they are masters of persuasion and propaganda. I guarantee you every single person in that room believes what he is saying, yet if you have a calm sit-down with them they will not be able to produce any actual examples. What you have here are lies being told over and over again until they’re deemed true, to the degree this cultural appropriator can stand there boldly trashing Pres Trump unchallenged. The people that made that happen are demonstrating how much power and influence they have over their weak, uneducated supporters.


Time after time Leftists have used the same language in attacks against Pres Trump, yet not one of them has ever produced actual evidence to prove their case.

“He’s hateful. He’s racist. He’s encouraging the worst tendencies of fellow Americans.”

They say he’s racist over the Travel (muslim) Ban and illegal immigration. The Travel Ban was perfectly legal, and NOT a muslim ban, but restrictions on nations who don’t have their shit together when it comes to security. There is approx 50 “muslim” majority countries, this ban, like obama’s, was only for 7.

With regards to immigration, how is stopping people who do not have a right to be in America, crossing our southern border or staying after their visa expires and enforcing our laws on the books racist? These people are literally overwhelming our border agents and social entitlement system, by taking from taxpaying Americans.

Calling out a Congresswoman who trivializes the 9/11 attack, who shows no respect for this country is NOT inciting violence. Just because leftists feelings are hurt over a tweet with video showing the carnage on that terrible day does not equal death threats. And if we are to use their logic on the issue then everything that comes from the democrat party and media attacking this President and his supporters are clear death threats!

We thought 2016 was the most important election in stopping Hillary, but 2020 will be just as crucial as democrats have lost their minds at this point. If you sit home election day 2020 you will be voting for this clown or whoever ends up getting the DNC nomination, and ALL the radical policies dems are calling for.

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