Rep Tlaib Feels More Ameri… Palestinian Now That She’s in Congress

Rep Rashida Tlaib, one of the new leaders of the democrat socialist party feels more American.. Palestinian now that she is in Congress. If one was to poll Senators and Representatives it’s safe to assume the majority would say they feel more American when they got to Congress after going through the entire process, knowing they’re there to represent the People and defend the Constitution but not Tlaib. It’s not really surprising to hear her say this as every action she takes in Congress or in speeches and interviews she’s taking shots at Pres Trump, repubs/ conservatives and America in general.


CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood’s dream of infiltrating every aspect of the US govt is more or less complete. Through these radicals they are pulling the race card at every opportunity making it so you can’t object to anything they say because you’ll be deemed a racist and bigot. They’re attacking our only ally in the middle east, Isreal, with the hopes of one day leaving them on their own with no US support, opening door for Iran and other ME states to attack Israel (aka Little Satan) and eventually America (aka Big Satan).