Domestic Terrorists, Antifa, Harass Candace Owens Before UPenn Event

Notice anything here? All these angry, hateful, Leftists (aka “Democrat’s domestic terrorist arm”) harassing Candace Owens, as well as the black students walking with her, are white! But, but I thought only Trump and his supporters were racists!? Truth of the matter is Leftists are the real racists and have been since this country’s founding. Do you need to be reminded it was the Southern DixieCRATS (aka demoCRATS) who more or less started the civil war because they didn’t want to change their way of life, which meant keeping slavery in place!?

Wasn’t antifa deemed domestic terrorists? If not, why? These unhinged, white privileged, Leftists should be rounded up in general and for attempting to keep Owens from invoking her First Amendment right to speak at UPenn!

The radical unhinged Left is all in favor of free speech so long as they’re the ones doing it. Anyone speaking against them and their agenda comes under vicious attacks like Owens. They also think it is their right to attack people citing it falls within their 1A rights. No, sorry 1A doesn’t give you the right to attack people during a protest. Stand there with your signs, scream and holler obscenities all you want, but don’t you dare touch anyone or stop them from invoking their 1A rights.

Knowing these violent domestic terrorists history it’s amazing Candace was able to speak and got out of there safely. Had there been no cameras or security she would probably be in the hospital!