Swalwell Vows to Enact New Zealand & Australian Gun Control, Arrest Those Who Don’t Comply


‘Second Amendment is not an absolute right…’ the hell it isn’t! What part of “..shall not be infringed” does Rep Eric Swalwell, who announced his candidacy for the 2020 Presidential election, and the democrat party not understand? Sorry but the truth is the Founders intended the citizens, after fighting the largest military in the world outgunned most of the time, to be as well armed as the govt! So if the Founders were here today they would argue:
“Does the govt have tanks?”
Swalwell and his ilk would have to answer “yes”
The Founders would say “then the people should have access to tanks too”!! And yes Eric that goes for nukes too!!

Swalwell vowed to bring New Zealand and Australian style gun control to America. In a nutshell he wants to ban “military style assault weapons”, “weapons of war” (whatever in the hell they are) where anyone who doesn’t comply with his fascistic policies will end up in jail. He talks buybacks (probably $100/weapon) but what they really are is forced confiscation. The Australian forced confiscation and whatever insanity being done in New Zealand will not work in America. We have over 300M people here, and it’s estimated 100M are in possession of 3-400M weapons and billions of rounds of ammunition. There is no way this clown is going to disarm that many people.


Who made this man arbiter of what people can and cannot own? Armalite Rifles are the most widely used rifles in the US. There are millions of them in the hands of law-abiding gun owners. He and the gun grabbers want to take them off the streets over claims they’re high-powered and most deadly but there are other weapons that are far more deadly, which goes to show his lack of understanding the types of weapons in circulation. What happens when all the AR’s are off the streets and then the next thing used prevalently are larger caliber semi-autos? He’ll call for those to be banned too, because in reality “Mr We Got Nukes” wants ALL semi-autos out of Americans hands.

Swalwell doesn’t even have his facts straight on the matter. AR’s are rarely used in most shootings. Those he cites and few others are about it (NO, those heinous events are not being trivialized, but people should know those types of shootings ARE not happening on a daily occurrence). Most gun crimes are committed with semi-auto handguns, frankly it was surprising to see Jake Tapper correct him on this.

We already have background checks, he is conflating buying from a gun store/ gun show dealer with buying from a private party (friend/neighbor/family member). Swalwell is being deceptive here, clearly pushing Moms Demand, Brady Campaign propaganda.

Also what’s he going to do about everyone who has access to milling machines, drills and routers? Is he going to have his storm troopers inspecting unannounced to see who is and isn’t manufacturing their own weapons??

What you have here is a man who is clueless of the facts and laws, has no chance winning A primary. What Swalwell is most likely doing is getting his name out there for speaking jobs, book deals, and a job with the next democrat administration should the win in 2020.

Eric is very dangerous, do not mock him, call him nuts. He is a bona fide tyrant with a smile, but he will never ever disarm this country.