Dem Chair of House Homeland Security Comm Says Trump ‘Manufactured’ Border Crisis


Democrat chair of the House Homeland Security Committee, Bennie Thompson, is blaming Pres Trump for the border crisis saying it’s a ‘manufactured chaos that he’s created’! Thompson claims Trump’s policies have ‘created this crisis’ over the last 2+ years, because they had it under control before he came into office.

Yes, we do have a constant pull on the immigration system because for the first time we have a President who is not playing games. So illegals are flooding the border knowing he is shutting it down, where they are banking on the democrats and French republicans to come to their rescue giving them amnesty. Let’s not forget our crap laws DC doesn’t want to enforce or fix making it easy for illegals to stay in the US moment they cross with a child in-tow and/ or claiming asylum.

Thompson is not being honest when he says dems want to sit down ad talk. Debate does not exist in their vocabulary; they want to dictate or they’ll obstruct, like they’ve been doing since Nov 9th, 2016.

Democrats are the biggest existential threat to Americans right now, not Chine, Russia or ISIS. They’re prepared to destroy this country through illegal immigration as it affects all aspects and systems in America. As this site has warned, dems are executing Cloward-Piven strategy on a massive scale to collapse the US.