Obama’s Fmr Nat’l Security Advisor Says Investigating Origins of Russia Probe ‘Waste of Time’


Ben Rhodes, obama’s fmr Deputy Nat’l Security Advisor, was interviewed about the Mueller Trump-Russia probe where he vehemently denied any knowledge of the Steele Dossier or any involvement by the obama admin spying on Pres Trump. He says AG Barr “will find nothing” in their version of a witch hunt (nice huh!).  Saying the investigation as to how this all got started is a ‘waste of time’, is Benny’s sad attempt at reverse psychology.

Raise your hand if you believe one word coming from the same guy who admitted the obama admin LIED to the American people about the Iran nuclear deal!?

Obama adviser Ben Rhodes admits lies to media about Iran deal

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Everything this liar said you can be sure is an outright lie. Furthermore, reports are surfacing that the obama admin played a larger role than thought conducting “surveillance” aka SPYING on Donald Trump.

Behind the Obama administration’s shady plan to spy on the Trump campaign

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Benny is scared. Why? He as well as ALL the other coup conspirators thought Hillary was going to win and would bury everything they did. Now the truth is slowly trickling out, and we’re getting a clear picture what these monsters were up to to hold onto power. The coup was a last ditch effort to get Trump out of office over Russia Russia Russia, now they’re pivoting on a last ditch effort to get him on obstruction.

These people are evil and need to be in jail for what they did. My money is on little Benny spilling the beans, look at him in this video, he’s terrified of going to jail thus his trivializing everything that’s happened acting like “I didn’t know until it was on the news” (like his jerk ex-boss).