Biden Tells The View ‘Not One Single Whisper of Scandal’ During the Obama Admin


Oh Boy this segment from The View’s lovefest for Joe Biden is right up there with obama’s ‘not a smidgen of corruption,’ in 2014 when he was asked about the corruption at the IRS.

Yes America you heard right, Biden said the obama admin did not have one single whisper of scandal’!

  • Solyndra and all the green energy failures costing taxpayers billions
  • Fast & Furious, a scheme to undermine the Second Amendment
  • IRS targeting conservatives and agency execs destroying evidence
  • DOJ targeting reporters
  • BENGHAZI attack, not to mention the gun running behind it, lies told that the attack was about a video… there are many scandals within this one alone!
  • Clinton’s email scandal is actually an obama admin scandal
  • NSA spying on Americans
  • Secret Service caught with prostitutes
  • VA more or less letting vets die waiting for care AOC says is great
  • EPA poisoning the Colorado River
  • Obamacare lies
  • Iran nuke deal, where fmr dep Nat’l Security Adv Ben Rhodes admitted the admin lied to push it through

None of these are a whisper of scandal to Lunchbox Joe. Between his gaffes, lapse of memory and AOC style comments Biden is going to provide a never-ending supply of videos showing exactly why he should not be president.