Sanders and Harris Want Criminals and Terrorists to Vote in US Elections


CNN had another town hall in support of the democrats running for president in 2020. US Senators Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders both support the idea of allowing criminals, including terrorists like the Boston Bomber, to vote in our elections!

Voting is a privilege NOT a right. YES, there are Amendments that address voting pertaining to race and color (15th Amend, 1870), gender (19th Amend, 1920), govt to intervene when state laws interfere (Voting Rights Act, 1965) but there is no Amendment that says YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO VOTE.

When an individual commits a crime(s) that warrants imprisonment they lose their privileges because they are being punished. We do not reward bad behavior until their debt to society has been repaid by serving out their jail term.And even afterwards they are restricted from owning weapons, doing and going wherever the hell they want in many circumstances (probation).

Sanders and Harris, faces of the democrat party, see it differently and want criminals, people who hurt others by stealing to killing be allowed to decide our nations future. Who in their right mind thinks Dzhokhar Tsarnaev should decide who our next leaders should be, or legislation that addresses gun control or healthcare? These monsters are locked up for a reason but democrats.. socialists see it differently because they cannot win an election on the positions they hold. They are losing support from sane rational voters thus their desire to give voting rights to criminals, illegal aliens and children.

Speaking of children Harris said she is open to the idea of allowing children to vote too! Again the same reason applies to why the Senator, like others, wants kids to vote. They can’t get normal sane adults to support their radical agenda, children are actively being brainwashed in schools to believe everything these radical leaders are shoveling out 24/7/365. They are the perfect voting pool for the socialists since they’re programmed practically from birth to think one way.

The democrat party is becoming more dangerous by the day the deeper we get into the Trump administration. He is exposing their radical agenda and they are coming out with more bold ideas such as criminals being able to vote. They are showing their true colors they do not care about the American people. They only care about money, power and control. If giving voting rights to the worst of society gets them more votes election day so be it. They’ll do and say anything to win regardless of the repercussions. The dems are in fact that cornered rabid animal ready to destroy everything in its path.

We are headed down a dark path if these monsters ever get power again like they had under obama.