AOC Praises the VA: “If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It”, Vets DISAGREE

Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, one of the three new Reps now RUNNING the democrat party, had nothing but praise for the VA aka govt run healthcare.

In her quest to sound profound and look important AOC never took the time to speak to actual veterans as to what they think of the VA. She would learn that many are disgusted with the system, are quite critical of the care they receive…

… and it must be pointed out that the very system she praises veterans have DIED WAITING TO SEE A DOCTOR. Some, approximately 22 per day, are getting such bad treatment and besides themselves are committing suicide! AOC knows this and if by some miracle she doesn’t it’s just one more example as to why she has no business being in Congress.

What do you expect from a child who apparently earned a degree from Boston U but the only job she could get was bartending, who ended up AUDITIONED for a “job” to represent a radical leftist group in Congress! And it’s also reported she wants VA type care for EVERYONE!

The socialists running the DNC cannot be permitted to hold majority power ever again. They are perfectly fine with govt controlled healthcare (really govt controlled everything) that will lead to death and starvation like we see in every nation under socialism, ie Venezuela.