Dems Censoring Opposition as Nadler Cuts Gaetz Mic During House Hearing


Rep Jerry Nadler, and the democrat party for that matter, are out of control. Jabba Nadler the HUT shut Rep Matt Gaetz down, cutting his mic off, as he closed the House Judiciary hearing over their obsession with running Pres Trump out of office. The socialists are showing how drunk with power they are now only holding 1/2 of 1/3 of total govt power. Imagine the destruction they will bring to the United States if they win in 2020 taking over the White House, Senate and holding onto the House?!

What you need to understand was made clear by Rep Collins

Got It? And Collins was also clear when he stated, “The question I have here is not what Bill Barr is scared of, my question is what are the democrats scared of? They don’t want Bill Barr here today. They’ve had the [Mueller] report, they read it, they don’t like what’s in it.”

What the socialists wanted to do to AG Barr is unprecedented. They were looking to get him on a perjury trap by having their staff members, many who are attorneys, question the AG. Again that is unprecedented and has NEVER BEEN DONE, but leave it to this unhinged party to make history as they try to remove this President from office because they don’t like him and their queen is not running the USA.

I have heard repeatedly from people they have never seen behavior like what we’re seeing from the democrat party over the last 2.5+ years. I will say it over and over again not caring who gets annoyed: The last time this country was this divided was the late 1850’s. The vitriol, acts of violence against those who dissent from democrat party group think today are the same as they were in the 1850’s which brought the US to Civil War, where actual war-time shots were fired in 1861.

There is only one solution to stop these radicals in power – 
The democrat party MUST BE POLITICALLY exterminated (through the ballot box, unless we can get a few of them via criminal investigation).