CNN’s Camerota’s Spirit Broken By Lack of Action Against Trump


Alisyn Camerota never misses a moment to prove her lack of professionalism and partisanship. She like all “journalists” and “reporters” on CNN are sold to the public as down-the-line news people delivering unbiased reporting. But in reality what we get is some news twisted heavily with these hosts political views who are nothing but political activists, propagandists for the democrat party. Their shows are opinionated like any late night program on CNN or Fox News for that matter.


There’s no place for Camerota, or any host, who claims to do hard news to carry on saying, “they’ve broken my spirit” because the President wasn’t impeached. The media are all heartbroken because Bob Mueller couldn’t uncover anything illegal by Pres Trump. We all knew this, they ignored it while anxiously waiting for the Mueller Report they all now bitch about!

The Mueller Report is available for anyone to read. Yes, it has some redactions, but those in power who appear on CNN can view the unredacted version anytime they want, they just can’t make any type of recording or notes of it.

This woman is a hack of the highest order, she used to work for Fox and spun a different tune; she wasn’t very good at it thus getting canned and her employment at CNN. She is an example of how 99% of the media will do and say whatever they have to for the almighty dollar and are political activists pretending to be news people.

Little Alisyn’s spirit is broken now, wait until the Inspector General report comes out followed with indictments for the coup conspirators she and her network put on a pedestal!!