Obama Knew Everything


Thanks to Acting Dir of National Intl, Richard Grenell, 53 declassified transcripts related to the Russia investigation have been released. One of the most damaging pieces uncovered is this piece about Sally Yates’ meeting at the White House with other intel members obama and Biden

As Mark Levin stated “this is obama’s Blue Dress without the DNA on it”. In other words he KNEW everything, he had to, because he was getting briefings everyday especially about an election they had hoped would put Hillary into office who would’ve served as his third term.

Susan Rice on her way out of office in 2017 wrote an email to herself, Levin points out, which was a CYA because she knew they were up to no good under darth hussein.

Then we have Jim Clapper who admitted four times hussein gave the order to spy on Trump. Through that they got the “dirt”, or so they thought, on Flynn which was phase one of getting to Trump.

It all goes back to obama and what these people did, along with members of Congress more specifically Adam Schiff (who probably played a much bigger role than we know), and the media to a duly elected President are clear acts of rebellion/ insurrection, sedition and yes TREASON!

All roads lead back to obama, he will go down as the most corrupt President in US history. You have witnessed an attempted bloodless coup d’état and the participants MUST be held accountable otherwise this will happen again.

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