Fmr US Atty: Brazen Plot Within DOJ/ FBI to Exonerate Hillary and FRAME Trump! – Video

Former US Attorney Joe diGenova threw down against the corrupt witch hunt taking place from the leadership within the DOJ and FBI. diGenova didn’t hold back concluding there was/ is a “brazen plot” by senior officials in the obama admin (now Trump) to exonerate Hillary Clinton and frame Donald Trump for a “criminal act or impeachment”!

“What you have now unfolding inside the FBI and Department of Justice, under Obama, is a brazen plot to do two things:

To exonerate Hillary Clinton, because of an animus toward Donald Trump, and then if she lost to frame the incoming president for either a criminal act or impeachment.

This is one of the most disgusting performances by the senior officials at the FBI and the Department of Justice and it demands that every one of these agents involved be fired, and that the people who are still in the Justice Department be fired including Mr Ohr and that they impanel a federal grand jury to investigate the conduct of McCabe and Strzok and Page and Comey and Ohr and everybody in the Obama Justice Department who even touched this. Because it’s very clear that they conspired to frame the incoming president of the United States.”

Got it?

What diGenova is in fact saying is senior officials at the FBI and the Department of Justice under the obama admin now Trump admin, are engaged in a silent/ soft coup! There is no other way to describe what they’re doing.

At this point Jeff Sessions is complicit, he is allowing this to happen. Pres Trump must fire Sessions and surround himself with people like diGenova who isn’t afraid to call it as he sees it, going so far as to say, “James Comey sold his soul to the Devil”! Trump NEEDS a wartime consigliare, who will go after Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Mueller etc AND Hillary Clinton. And don’t think for one second the Clinton’s and obama are in the dark about any of this. While I have no proof, the two of them have plenty of motives to do anything they can to get Trump out of office.

The Deep State is trying to pull off a bloodless coup. If this were any other country people would be in jail at this point but because the media is in the tank and we have corruption in every facet of our govt this is all blown off as a “nothing burger”.