Judge Pirro Doubles Down Call to Take Out FBI Crime Family in Cuffs – Video

Judge Pirro doubled down on her statement from last week, laying out the case against the FBI and DOJ, of a conspiracy to interfere with the election of Donald Trump, “to exonerate Hillary Clinton for her crimes and incriminate Donald Trump with a non-existent crime”. The Judge went just short of calling it a coup as other hosts in conservative circles, but that is what has/ is happening. There are no coincidences, only illusions of coincidence. Bob Mueller purposely put together a team of obama/ Clinton loyalists and Trump haters who are believe are superior to the will of the American people. “There’s a core group of arrogant, corrupt, and lawless individuals that felt that they – and not we – should decide a presidential election.” This criminal cabal cannot accept Clinton lost the election and are literally trying to remove Trump from office with the witch hunt that has been going on since last year. What else are they hiding, they fear may come out now that they don’t have a pres Hillary to protect them!?!

As the judge doubles down that Comey, Strjork, McCabe, and others need to be taken out in handcuffs one problem remains: Arrest these people, let alone prosecute them, by whom? The DOJ is compromised, Jeff Sessions is incompetent, otherwise Pirro would not have to be doubling down on her previous statement. Normally the DOJ steps in to handle corruption of this magnitude, who can we… Trump go to for justice??

These are truly dangerous times for America, what are we to do when our highest law enforcement agency is completely compromised?