Leftists Calling For People to “Take the Streets” if Mueller is Fired

Leftists are worried and have been speculating Bob Mueller is going to be fired as special prosecutor over calls, from pundits on the Right, for his dismissal over the clear conflicts of interest among half of his investigative team. To be clear the only ones talking about Mueller being fired is the media. Leftists are so worked up they’ve been ranting like banshees any act to remove Mueller would be a Constitutional crisis! There has been no official word from the White House up until Sunday night when Pres Trump answered directly saying “No, I’m not.”

Cenk Uygur, Rob “Meathead” Reiner and George “Mr Sulu” Takei posted similar rants in opposition to Mueller’s, firing, which would be justified over this witch hunt he is running, going so far as to call for unrest in America’s streets.

While Uygur, Reiner and Takei are clowns to you and me, people like them have a solid large following who believe their every word they spew. Many of these followers are the same people who have smashed windows, destroyed property and burned everything from trash cans to businesses over the last few years.

Cenk’s comments are more concerning wishing for Tahrir Square event on US soil. That was the beginning of the Arab Spring that led to assaults of all kinds including the rape of CBS reporter Lara Logan, then conflict and death.

None of these clowns are going to take to the streets if Mueller is fired. No, they’ll be sitting in their lavish home watching the drones getting pepper sprayed and tear gassed by police. Second, when Leftists call for people to take to the streets it has NEVER looked anything like ANY of the TEA Party protests, where locations are cleaner than they were before TP activists showed up!

Leftist “protests” on the other hand end up quite violent and look like a trash dump after they’re long gone.

These weren’t the only ones calling for people to take to the streets. Obama’s former Director of the United States Office of Government Ethics, chimed in that he is stocking up “for when we take the streets.”

Have you seen this guy? You can be sure he will not be standing shoulder to shoulder with Leftists drones, antifa etc on the front lines of any major protest or riot!

Again, the only ones talking about firing Mueller are the talking heads in the media, on both sides who have amped up unhinged radicals like those displayed on this page.

Reiner, Shaub, Takei, Uygur, and anyone I’ve missed are trying to be that kid on the playground to get two other kids who don’t like each other into a fight. The problem they’re going to find is, they’re picking a fight with the very people who bought guns and ammo at record levels since Jan 20th, 2009.