Pirro Calls for DOJ and FBI to be Purged – Video

Couldn’t agree more with Judge Pirro tonight that the DOJ and FBI need to be “cleansed”. The information and people being exposed engaged in corruption and lawlessness is staggering. Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Bruce Ohr, Jim Comey and Bob Mueller have put government, party and let’s be honest Hillary Clinton ahead of Country.

But there is a problem in dealing with these people, these agents of the Deep State. That problem, Pirro does not even address, is the man all of these people report to, the head of the DOJ, Jeff Sessions. As long as Sessions is running the DOJ all of these silent coup conspirators will continue the corruption and lawlessness we’re witnessing. The AG is not the “Mr Law and Order” we were led to believe. He is completely incompetent and impotent at this point everyday he remains silent over the injustice… outright witch hunt playing out against the President of the United States. “He recused himself”.. SO WHAT! His recusal is not.. NOT legally binding. With the way things are playing out he should say to hell with it, full criminal investigation are being launched into all of these people. if at the least for obstruction of justice in the Clinton email investigation.

Someone must have a heart to heart with Pres Trump explaining everything to him where he calls Sessions in to take action or resign immediately. This witch hunt, this coup is unprecedented and must be stopped with a complete purge of the DOJ/ FBI. As Pirro argues they all need to be put in handcuffs for what they are doing, and frankly it’s amazing Trump has been this tame over what they’re doing to him, his staff and family. If we can’t trust these people this country is just about lost.

It’s just about time for pitchforks and torches America.