DOJ Drops Charges Against Michael Flynn


The disgraced DOJ (remaining remnants of the obama regime) has dropped all charges against fmr National Security Adviser and ret Gen Michael Flynn. This decision is yet more proof of the massive coordinated coup d’état by Deep State actors with the help of the democrat party and American media in their attempt to remove Donald Trump from the Presidency.


Flynn was step one in getting to Trump by any means necessary. These bastards, who think they’re above the rule of law and will of the American people, put Flynn in a perjury trap, threatened him to accept the charges or they would go after his son. Fmr White House advisor KT McFarland, has been making the rounds on tv and radio saying these bastards.. MONSTERS tried to do the same thing to her. Their end goal – convict these innocent people to get them to roll on the President.

Thankfully, Flynn is a fighter, and although he lost everything, he never stopped which threw a wrench in the works for the Left’s master plan that has now completely collapsed. All the unhinged violent Left has now is trying to blame the CHINA VIRUS on the President in their last desperate attempt to remove him from office. The groundwork is already been set in motion, as dems lie 24/7 on the issue and have established Congressional committees to investigate the pandemic, which really means fishing expedition to find something to pin on Trump to impeach him again.

US District Judge Emmet Sullivan still has to dismiss the case but this win is a major blow to the Left. Lawsuits must be pursued against all parties involved as well as criminal prosecutions. Why we haven’t heard from AG Barr or US Atty John Durham is puzzling. They MUST bring charges against disgraced Bob Mueller, Jim Comey, Andy McCabe, Rod Rosenstein, Andrew Weissman, the Lovers Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, Bruce and Nellie Ohr,Sally Yates and many other bottom feeders, who were all taking orders from (take note of the order) Loretta Lynch, James Clapper, John Brennan and…..

barack hussein obama

That monster who terrorized this country for 8 years called the shots that started with Flynn. Clapper admitted four times obama ordered the spying operation against the President. This whole thing leads back to obama – now does Durham and Barr have the balls to go after him!?
Don’t hold your breath.

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On a personal note IMO Pres Trump and all his supporters are taking this confirmation of an incredible abuse of power by the unhinged violent Left quite well. Had it been the other way around the streets of America would be filled with Leftists rioting, looting, committing all kinds of crime, more or less setting the country on fire.

Frankly you Leftists should be thanking us, remember we’re the ones with all the guns and ammo if we ever get to your level of rage, things aren’t going to end well for whoever crosses us. So you monsters should be thanking us right now!