Gillibrand Says Voting Taxpayers Against Abortion Have No Say


Purpose of sharing this clip of Sen Kirsten Gillibrand is not to get deep into the abortion debate, but to show how out of control politicians have become, especially with our money. Gillibrand says voters do not have a valid argument of their tax dollars paying for abortions. These elitists TRULY THINK our money is theirs to do as they wish.

We have a serious problem in this country, where elected leaders seem to think they are royalty and we the people serve them. WE have failed in making it clear they represent us and our interests. Until that ship is righted this game with politicians is never going to end, where they will use OUR money to fund things  People oppose like abortion (Planned Parenthood).

Quickly on Gillibrand’s comment about the separation of Church and State, she doesn’t understand it. The govt cannot get involved/ interfere with religion/ church, but there is nothing stopping religious views/ church influencing govt. This country was literally founded on Judea-Christian values; a painful truth for Leftists who HATE religion… well Christianity since they bow down to islam!