Migrants Being Flown to Less Crowded Facilities by CBP and Released


The southern border is so overwhelmed just one sector alone in TX is being forced to fly illegal aliens, who are no longer ID’d as “undocumented immigrants” but now “migrants”, to CBP facilities across the country for alleged faster processing.

Processing takes anywhere from 24-72 hours and after the illegal aliens are being released/ dropped off at communities close to CBP facilities. Murrieta, CA is one of those cities once again in the news as approx 105 illegals have been transported to the CBP facility for processing and it’s being reported they are then dropped off at the local mall with bus vouchers to go wherever they choose. Yours truly was there in 2014 to stop the illegals from being bused in, it’s like trying to use a band-aid on a gaping wound at this point.

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CBS 8 San Diego reported there are 3 flights a week with approx 130 illegals per flight being transported to CA alone. You do the math on how many that is in a month knowing in a two month span the number of illegals entering the country is the equivalent to the population of Orlando Fl!


This is ALL by design by the democrats (with the help of do nothing republicans). This problem has been around for years but has accelerated over the 10 years and is now in over-drive since Trump became POTUS. Democrats are doing nothing to stop this invasion because they want the illegals here. They want the power and control that will follow when the country’s demographics are permanently changed. What was done to California is being done to the entire country right before our eyes. The dems are in fact implementing the Cloward-Piven strategy on a massive scale that will collapse the US through illegal immigration.

People need to get active, start protesting (which means blocking buses and gates of CBP facilities), threatening members of Congress to do their jobs or they’ll be out of a job. The time for sitting around waiting for someone else to do something is long over, YOU are that someone who needs to take action.