Kamala Harris Supports Illegal Immigrants Getting FREE Healthcare And Education


In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, 2020 Presidential candidate Sen Kamala Harris made a ‘very clear’ statement that she supports policies that allow access to ‘public safety, public education, or public health.’ Key word repeated throughout that statement is “public”. Public safety, education and health = “free” by way of the taxpayer.

Democrats LOVE to spend taxpayers money especially when they offer services/ perks to those who have no right to be in America. You can be sure comments like this are making their way through Mexico, down through Central and South America, where those indigenous to those countries,as well as others passing through, are hearing the democrat party’s message loud and clear to get to America ASAP.

Talk like this crap is why America is being invaded through our southern border. You know the drill if you’ve visited this site: Dems want illegals to flood the states changing the demographics which changes the electorate resulting in one party rule as dems have successfully done in California. You CANNOT have open borders AND socialism, doing so will collapse the nation. But then again that is the democrats end goal cause a collapse, blame the GOP and easily take power as a result of the chaos the create.

Harris and her party DO NOT CARE about Americans they care about illegals so long as it puts them in control of everything. This simply cannot be permitted at any level. Again, if we stay on this route the US will end up like California with disaster following right behind.